How to Travel Cheaply To South America

The cost of traveling to South America has doubled in the last five years with a flight costing up to 400 Euros. This has become repulsive to passengers with most opting for alternative destinations away from South America. The good news is that there is a solution that can be put in place to ensure that you have the most affordable trip. There are a number of low cost airlines whose tickets are very affordable. The likes of LAN, TAME and Avianca have come to the rescue of the passengers.

Low Cost Carrierslow-cost

Low cost carriers such the American Spirit Airlines have brought milestones when it comes to travelling to South America at a cheap price. Even though there is a slight compromise when it comes to the comfort factor, the fact remains that they are safe and affordable. Budget airlines like Aerolineas and LADE have brought a paradigm shift when it comes to travelling to Argentina. With the proper information it is possible to find an airline that suits your needs and travel without paying more than what you have to.

Online Sites

There are online sites that help you identify the cheapest carriers depending on your destination. Sky scanner is one of the very best because on a single platform, you can compare one airline with another and select the most affordable for you. It has emerged that when the need to travel to South America arises, it might be cheaper to utilize the services of a travel agent rather than take the booking upon yourself.

Having a passenger pass allows you to have a flat rate when travelling to South America. Although this compels you to use certain airlines, the bottom line remains that ultimately it saves you money. You can either decide to have a One-world South American pass or have passes to the individual countries. These passes make your life easier and help you save a lot of money in the process.