Defunct Airlines in Argentina

The history of the American Falcon is not the only one that is worrying. It is important to note that a number of airlines have gone through more or less the same situation as that of the American Falcon. Other airlines that had to close down their activities include:air_canada_boeing_777-300er

  • Aerochaio
  • Aeroposta
  • Airplus Argentina
  • Dinar Lineas Ae’rea
  • Southern Winds

These are just a few on the long list of defunct airlines in Argentina. It is interesting to see that the Southern Winds underwent the same struggle only a few months after kicking out the American Falcon from the face of the air transport in Argentina. The fall of the Southern Winds was attributed to a loss of government subsidy due to an ongoing litigation case against the airline. Reports suggests that 65 kgs of Cocaine was seized in one of the aircraft that led to the immediate suspension of the subsidy by the government making the cost of running the airline unsustainable.

This automatically led to the bankruptcy of the airline. The question of bankruptcy due to one or another factor has seen many airlines in Argentina collapse and fall into the list of defunct airlines. This has compelled other nations to start flights to these particular areas. On the other hand, there are other airlines that have managed to stay afloat amidst all these like Aerolineas Argentina which has provided services for quite some time around South America.

LADE is another airline that has filled in the gap in the Argentinean air transport industry. This military managed airline is one of the few airlines of Argentinean origin that has managed to stay up and running. This raises one question; does the government have a role in ensuring that the system is friendly enough for those seeking to run their airlines in Argentina? In the downfall of virtually all the airlines, the government had either a minor or a major role to play, and hence the need to have new regulatory status in order to see air transport grow tremendously and also increase government revenue.